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Gokbel, V., & Seggie, F. N., Green, M. (accepted). Global Entrepreneurship Trends and a Comparative Review of Three University-based Entrepreneurship Ecosystems. Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies

Higher education institutions are increasingly interested in establishing university-based entrepreneurship ecosystems (UBEE) on their campuses. This growing tendency is fueled by several global trends and shifts while responses to the demands vary depending on the institutional and regional differences. In this study, we explored the global entrepreneurship trends and shifts that shape UBEE from economic, individual, and institutional perspectives. Using a qualitative multiple case study approach, we also examined three select university cases from three different continents, including Liverpool John Moores University in Britain, University of Houston in USA, and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. This study reveals that there are three global trends that force universities to be more inclusive about entrepreneurship on campus. We also find that there are common strategies that institutions use to build a successful UBEE while strategies and priorities differ depending on the institutional and regional needs and demands.

Jacob, W. J., & Gokbel, V. (2018). Global higher education learning outcomes and financial trends: Comparative and innovative approaches. International Journal of Educational Development, 58, 5-17.


The cost of higher education continues to escalate at an alarming rate. Public and private funding sources from around the world are increasingly under pressure to reduce allocations toward higher education while at the same time raising outcome expectations. This financial outlook is projected to continue well into the future, and in many instances it is deemed unsustainable in the long run. Within this context, we examine good and best practices of higher education finance models in select international contexts. A primary objective of this paper is to examine exemplary models of learning outcomes and higher education financing models that can reduce or at least help level off this unsustainable trend. Ethnographic interviews were conducted with 60 content area experts with in-depth knowledge as administrators of seven case study higher education institutions. We conclude with recommendations to assist policy makers, government planners, and higher education administrators in their attempts to meet the financial challenges of today and in the future.



Jacob, W. James; Sutin, E. Stewart; & Gokbel, Veysel. (proposal submitted). Reconceptualizing Higher Education's Leadership Development, Delivery and Finance Models: Challenges and Opportunities for the 21st Century. Harvard Education Press
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