Wei Tang
Graduate Student Assistant

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Recent Publications

Han, Jialing, Jorge Delgado, Ruth Cheung Judge, Camilla Nordberg, Pichapon Robru, Xinjian Qi, Buraskorn Torut, Huynh Thi Ngoc Tuyet, Wei Tang, Hiromi Uemura, and Xin Xiang. 2017. "Multi-Country Study on Education for Migrant Children." WISE Foundation.
W. James Jacob, Huiyuan Ye, Xinyu Huang, Lili Jia, Wei Tang, and Na Zheng. Leadership Styles in Professional Development Organizations in World-Class Universities. American Journal of Education. Under review.
Hu, H., & Tang, W., (2015). Remedial Education: In F. W. Frederick (ed.), The SAGE Encyclopedia of Economics and Society. SAGE.
Wei Tang


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