Anna Arlotta Guerrero
Associate Professor

Associate Professor of Practice
Department of Teaching, Leading and Learning

Dr. Arlotta-Guerrero has been coordinating the Combined Accelerated Studies in Education (CASE) program since the program began in 2010. In addition to coordinating this five-year teacher dual-certification program, she also advises students and instructs courses in Applied Developmental Psychology and Teaching, Leading and Learning.

Prior to this position, and prior earning her PhD at the University of Pittsburgh, she was a bilingual elementary teacher in Dallas, Texas.

Instructional Interests

Dr. Arlotta-Guerrero teaches courses in two departments. Within the Health and Human Development Department, she teaches the following courses: Developmental Meanings of Cultural Distinction, Contemporary Issues in Society, Teaching Globally and Locally in a Diverse World, and Developmental Curriculum and Activities.

In the Teaching, Leading and Learning Department, Dr. Arlotta-Guerrero teaches the courses Teaching Young English Language Learners and both the Practicum and Student Teaching Seminars for students in field experiences.

Scholarly Interests

As an Associate Professor of Practice, Dr. Arlotta-Guerrero is primarily involved in practice, teaching and community engagement. Her scholarly interests focus on practice in communities of color, immigrant communities, and in early childhood education. Dr. Arlotta-Guerrero is also interested in teacher preparation programs, as the CASE program, and the importance of focusing on the study of equity and justice in education.

Engagement, Partnerships, and Professional Service

Dr. Arlotta-Guerrero has served on various School of Education and university committees. Currently she is part of a group of faculty from across the university working on creating attributes for community engagement courses. She is currently partnering with the School of Social Work, the office of Community Engagement and the Community Engagement Center of Homewood to assist in leading the PittEnrich tutoring program.

Dr. Arlotta-Guerrero, along with Pitt School of Education colleagues, started the Early Childhood in Florence Study Abroad program in 2014. She has taken six cohorts of students to Florence to study their educational system of young children. She also began a Study Away program and took students to visit school districts in Dallas, Texas. She hopes to create additional Study Abroad and Study Away programs in the future.

Anna Arlotta Guerrero


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