B. Jean Ferketish
Associate Professor Emeritus and Secretary of the Board of Trustees and Assistant Chancellor Emeritus

As an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Foundations, Organizations and Policy at the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Ferketish taught courses in the leadership, strategic planning, organizational culture, and innovation as well as human resources management. She has more than 30 years of experience working with organizations to improve performance and strengthen culture in academia, industry, service sector and healthcare. By simultaneously focusing on both the people and process sides of the organization, she has improved service and product quality, teamwork, and employee engagement. She taught master's and doctoral students in four Schools at the University, holding a joint appointment in the Graduate School of Public and International Affair, and she also trains other consultants in leadership, human resources, and organization development as well as strategic planning.

Prior to joining the faculty fulltime, Dr. Ferketish served as the Secretary of the Board of Trustees and Assistant Chancellor for the University of Pittsburgh for 14 years. She was an elected officer of the University and directed the office that provided professional support to the Chairman of the Board, the 84 members of the Board, and its 15 standing committees. She also led a variety of projects requiring the ability to build consensus across constituency groups, to affect the image of the University, and to provide advice on sensitive and complex situations.

In 1995, Dr. Ferketish joined the University and introduced the first organization development methods with the goal of improving service quality and cost-effectiveness. While in this role, she directed more than 50 organization improvement projects within university units including the following: process redesign, culture change, competency-based systems alignment, training, and team structures. She trained others to facilitate the methods and customized approaches as needed to serve diverse populations and goals in 44 Responsibility Centers.

Before joining Pitt, Dr. Ferketish was a consultant for Development Dimensions International (DDI), a Pittsburgh-based human resources firm with over $190 million in revenue. While at DDI, she implemented major organization culture change strategies such as self-directed teams, TQM, and patient-centered care. She worked with clients as diverse as University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Dreyer’s/Edy’s Grand Ice Cream, Buick, and Alcoa. Dr. Ferketish created many of DDI’s organizational change models and processes and is co-author of the book, Organization Change that Works: How to Merge Culture and Business Strategies for Maximum Results. She is a recipient of DDI’s Presidential Award, which recognizes personification of DDI’s Vision and Values. Dr. Ferketish spent the first 10 years of her career at Westinghouse where she worked with divisions to strengthen cultures in engineering, factory, and office environments.

Dr. Ferketish holds a Ph.D. and MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, a BA from Duquesne University, and is a recipient of the University of Pittsburgh’s 225th Anniversary Medallion. She is a frequent presenter at conferences, a facilitator of retreats, a consultant on change initiatives, and an executive and cultural coach.

B. Jean Ferketish


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