Leigh Tanner
Visiting Assistant Professor

A Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Instruction and Learning in the School of Education, Dr. Leigh Tanner's teaching focus deals with effective instructional practices that address student differences in learning as well as the appropriate principles and practices necessary to implement successful instruction. She conducts social studies methods and curriculum writing courses, as well as research seminars, for MEd, MAT, MOSAIC and CASE program students.

Leigh earned her Ed.D. at the University of Pittsburgh in Social Studies Education, with an emphasis in Curriculum and Supervision. Her research interests include the use of inquiry based social studies instruction and the application of technology to enhance student learning. Dr. Tanner's work has appeared in such publications as The Social Studies and Social Studies Research and Practice and she currently serves as a Consulting Editor/Reviewer for several peer reviewed social studies journals.

Leigh Tanner


University of Pittsburgh
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