Margaret S. Smith
Emeritus Professor

Margaret Smith is a Professor in the Department of Instruction and Learning in the School of Education and a Senior Scientist at the Learning Research and Development Center, both at the University of Pittsburgh. She works with preserivce middle and high school mathematics teachers at the University of Pittsburgh, with doctoral students in mathematics education who are interested in becoming teacher educators, and with practicing teachers and teacher leaders locally and nationally.

Over the past 20+ years she has been developing research-based materials for use in the professional development of mathematics teachers and studying what teachers learn from the professional development in which they engage. She secured funding for four NSF projects to support these efforts. Recently she was appointed chair of a NCTM working group charged with designing materials that would support implementation of the effective teaching practices in Principles to Actions (NCTM, 2014). The goal is to produce a set of web-based materials that will be available to NCTM members. This project is collaboration between NCTM and the Institute for Learning and draws in part on the IFL’s extensive video library.

She has authored or coauthored over 75 books, edited books or monographs, book chapters, and peer-reviewed articles. The book, 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussion (coauthored with Mary Kay Stein), was published in April 2011 and it has been the best selling book at NCTM since its release. The science version of the book, co-authored with Jennifer Cartier, Mary Kay Stein and Danielle Ross), was co-published by NCTM and NSTA in fall 2013.

She was a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (2001-2003; 2003 – 2005) and of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (2006-2009). She is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Teachers Development Group. In 2006 she was selected to receive the Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award given annually to honor outstanding faculty at the University of Pittsburgh. In 2009 she received the award for Excellence in Teaching in Mathematics Teacher Education from the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators. In 2010 she received the Susan Loucks-Horsley award from the National Staff Development Council in recognition of her efforts to promote professional learning in mathematics. She just completed her editorship of the Mathematics Teacher Editor, new a journal co-published by NCTM and AMTE.

Margaret S. Smith


University of Pittsburgh
310 Learning Research and Development Center
3939 O'Hara Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

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