Lindsay Clare Matsumura

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Lindsay Clare Matsumura

Lindsay Clare Matsumura

University of Pittsburgh
5807 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
230 South Bouquet Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: 412-624-6944

Faculty - Associate Dean

My research focuses on developing and studying technology-based interventions to improve professional development and reading instruction in urban schools. In fall 2014, I launched an IES-funded research project with Rip Correnti, Donna Bickel and Dena Zook-Howell from the Institute for Learning to develop a web-based professional development system for teachers to improve the quality of reading comprehension instruction. This work is currently being expanded to focus on using web-based technologies to train and support literacy coaches in their work with teachers. In addition to investigating the instrucdtional effects of our programs, we also are interested in understanding how teachers' thinking about their practice develops through structured reflections with a coach on videotapes of their classroom text discussions, and how this reflective practice is linked to improved dialogic reading instruction.

A second strand of my research focuses on assessing and improving students' text-based argument writing skills in the elementary and middle school grades. In 2015 I launched a second study focused on developing a new curricula to support reading comprehension and text-based argument writing in middle schools. This project is with Amy Crosson, Moddy McKeown and Rip Correnti. In 2016 , my colleagues (Diane Litman and Rip Correnti) and I began a third study developing and studying an automated essay scoring system that also provides feedback to students on drafts of their argument essays. Both of these studies also are funded by the Institute for Education Sciences.

School Affiliations

Recent Grants

  • For Argument's Sake: Applying Questioning the Author Techniques To Support Comprehension and Composition of Written Arguments. Institute of Education Sciences (2015-2018). Total cost: $1,495,000 Project Title: Co-Principal Investigator Other investigators: Amy Crosson (PI), Margaret McKeown, and Richard Correnti,
  • Web-Mediated Professional Development for High-Quality Reading Comprehension Instruction Institute of Education Sciences 2014-2017 Total cost: $1,495,000 Principal Investigator: Lindsay Clare Matsumura Co-PIs: Richard Correnti, Donna DiPrima Bickel
  • Content-Focused Coaching for High-Quality Reading Instruction Institute of Education Sciences 2006-2011 Total cost: $2,946,865 Project title: Principal Investigator Other investigators: Donna Bickel, Lauren Resnick, Brian Junker
  • James S. McDonnell Foundation (2018-2023) Teacher Learning to Enact Productive Discussions in Mathematics and Literacy Total cost: 2,500,000 Project Role: Co-Principal Investigator Other investigators: Mary Kay Stein (PI), Richard Correnti, Jennifer Russell, & Chris Schunn
  • Institute of Education Sciences (2016-2019) Response-to-Text Tasks to Assess Students' Use of Evidence and Organization in Writing: Using Natural Language Processing for Scoring Writing and Providing Feedback At-Scale Total cost: $1,497,000 Project Role: Co-Principal Investigator Other investigators: Diane Litman (PI), Richard Correnti
  • Response-To Text Prompts to Assess Students' Writing Ability: Using Natural Language Processing for Scoring Writing At-Scale Learning Research and Development Center 2013-2015 Total cost: $149,978 Project title: Co-Principal Investigator Other investigators: Richard Correnti, Diane Litman
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Recent Publications

  • Matsumura, L.C, Correnti, R., Walsh, M., Bickel, D.D., & Zook-Howell, D. (under review). Online Content-Focused Coaching for high-quality classroom discussions. Technology, Pedagogy and Education
  • Wang, E., Matsumura, L. C., & Correnti, R. (2018). Teachers' assessments of student thinking and reasoning in response to cognitively demanding writing tasks. Elementary School Journal, 18(3), 357-383
  • Wang, E., & Matsumura, L.C. (in press). Text-based writing in elementary classrooms: Teachers' conceptions and practice. Reading and Writing.
  • Rahimi, Z., Litman, D., Correnti, R., *Wang, E., & Matsumura, L.C., (in press). Assessing students' use of evidence and organization in response to text writing: Using natural language processing for rubric-based automated scoring. Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education.
  • Matsumura. L.C., & Correnti, R., & Wang, E. (2015). Classroom writing tasks and students' analytic text-based writing skills. Reading Research Quarterly, 50(4), 417-438.
  • Matsumura, L.C., & Garnier, H.E. (2015). Embedding discursive teaching in the practice of a large school district. In Resnick, L.B., Asterhan, C.A. & Clarke, S.N. (Eds.) Socializing intelligence through academic talk and dialogue. Washington, DC: American Educational Research Association.
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