John Jakicic

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Faculty - Department Chairperson

School Affiliations

Recent Grants

  • Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity Clinical Centers (U01) - Pittsburgh Adult Clinical Center
  • Alliance of Randomized Trials of Medicine versus Metabolic Surgery in Type 2 Diabetes (ARMMS-T2D)
  • Effect of Reducing Sedentary Behavior on Blood Pressure
  • Investigating Gains in Neurocognition in an Intervention Trial of Exercise
  • Look AHEAD: Action for Health In Diabetes
  • Leukocyte Telomere Length in Bladder Cancer Survivors: Diet and Exercise Trial
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Recent Publications

  • Rogers RJ, Schelbert EB, Lang W, Fridman Y, Maher MR, Jakicic JM. Association of fitness and body fatness with left ventricular mass: The Heart Health Study. In Review: Annals of Internal Medicine.
  • Smagula SF, Karim HT, Rangarajan A., Santos FP, Wood SC, Santini T, Jakicic JM, Reynolds CF III, Cameron JL, Vallejo AN, Butters MA, Rosano C, Ibrahim TS, Erickson KI, Aizenstein HJ. Association of hippocampal substructure resting-state functional connectivity with memory performance in older adults. Am J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2018 Mar 13. pii: S1064-7481(18)30260-4. doi: 10.1016/j.jagp.2018.03.003. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 29628321
  • Cohen J, Grove G, Jakicic JM, Alessi MG, Erickson, KI. Associations between short and long bouts of physical activity with cognitive function in older adults. Journal of Cognitive Enhancement. 2018, May 7.
  • Zera JN, Nagle EF, Barone Gibbs B, Abt JP, Jakicic JM. Energy Cost of Land and Shallow Water Walking in Females who are Overweight and Obese. In Press: International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education.
  • Jakicic JM, Rogers RJ, Collins KA. Exercise management of the obese patient. Lifestyle Medicine, 3rd Edition. Eds: James M. Rippe. CRC Press: New York. 2018. In Press.
  • Venditti EM, Zgibor JC, Vander Bilt J, Kieffer LA, Boudreau RM, Burke L, Glynn NW, Jakicic JM, Smith KJ, Semler LN, Rager JR, Albert SM, Newman AB. Mobility and Vitality Lifestyle Program (MOVEUP): Design, recruitment and baseline sample characteristics of a community health worker implemented behavioral lifestyle intervention to improve physical function and weight in older adults with overweight and obesity. In Press: Contemporary Clinical Trials.
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