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Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly

University of Pittsburgh
5527 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
230 South Bouquet Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: 412-648-7165

Research and Grants

  • Grants

  • Automating the Measurement and Assessment of Classroom Discourse

    A grant to develop and validate CLASS 5.0, a software system for the analysis of classroom discourse. This grant builds off of my previous research with Martin Nystrand at the National Research Center for English Learning and Achievement. We are working with artificial intelligence researchers to develop a voice-recognition and automatically coding version of CLASS and study its use in assessing teachers’ enactment of dialogic instruction. Note: the total funding for this grant to all participants is $1,599,828

  • How are English teacher preparation programs educating English teachers to teach into the 21st century? A study of the current practices used to educate English teachers in a time of teacher accountability

    This mixed methods study explores how English language arts (ELA) teachers are prepared to be effective educators in response to the national conversation calling for the “reform” and “accountability” of teachers. It is the first large-scale, national study of English teacher preparation programs since 1995, thus providing an account of the requirements and experiences teachers encounter as they prepare for licensure, as well as categorizing the theoretical and pedagogical approaches of the programs being studied. The study explores the effectiveness of English teacher education programmatic features, including content-specific teaching practices, and follows a pilot sample of student teachers from varying programs into school placements. The researchers will gain a clear portrait of the field by analyzing data from responses from English teacher educators to a national survey, from their submission of their methods (teaching practices) course syllabi, from responses to focus group interviews, and from a pilot study, which observes pre-service English teachers (student teachers) in the field. Note: the total funding for this grant to all participants is $256,797.00

  • Enhancing the Sociology Pipeline: A Capacity-Building Workshop for Secondary Social Studies Teachers

    This ASA Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline grant will fund a two-day professional development workshop to advance the incorporation of sociological concepts and skills into the secondary social studies curriculum and cultivate social networks across educational sectors. Workshop activities will be presented with a clear focus on the new C3 Framework Sociology Standards for High School developed by ASA