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Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly

University of Pittsburgh
5527 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
230 South Bouquet Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: 412-648-7165


  • Journals

  • Kelly, Sean & Yuan Zhang. (2016). Teacher Support and Engagement in Math and Science: Evidence from HSLS. The High School Journal, 99, 141-165.
  • Kelly, Sean. (2015). There is still a role for district mergers in promoting equality of educational opportunity. The UCEA Review, 56(3), 18-23.
  • Kelly, Sean & Laura Northrop. (2015). Early Career Outcomes for the "Best and the Brightest:" Selectivity, Satisfaction, and Attrition in the Beginning Teacher Longitudinal Survey. American Educational Research Journal, 52, 624-656.
  • Others

  • D'Mello, S. K., Olney, A. M, Blanchard, N., Sun, X., Ward, B., Samei, B., & Kelly, S. (2015). Multimodal Capture of Teacher-Student Interactions for Automated Dialogic Analysis in Live Classrooms. Proceedings of the 17th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI 2015) (Multimodal Learning Analytics Grand Challenge MLA'15). (pp. 557-566). ACM: New York, NY.
    A Refereed Conference Proceeding
  • Book Chapters

  • Kelly, Sean & Heather Price. (2014). Changing Patterns of Engagement in the Transition to High School. In Bempechat, J. & Shernoff, D. J. (Eds.) Engaging Youth in Schools: Evidence-Based Models to Guide Future Innovations. National Society for the Study of Education Yearbook, 113, pp. 15-36.