Shana Evelyn DeVlieger
Graduate Student Assistant

Shana E. DeVlieger (she/her/hers) studies applied developmental psychology and research methodology as a PhD student in the Department of Health and Human Development. Her interdisciplinary research and teaching practice leverage insights from developmental and clinical psychology, education, and other social sciences to promote teacher wellbeing, enactment of equitable teaching practice, high-quality teacher-child relationships, and more positive developmental outcomes for children facing adversity. She is also interested in the dissemination and implementation of culturally responsive, strengths-based mental health-focused training and supports for professionals working with or on behalf of children and youth. These interests are informed by her experiences as a former public elementary school teacher, teacher educator, and consultant in school behavioral health innovation.

Prior to coming to Pitt, she earned her Ed.M in human development and psychology from Harvard University with an emphasis in early childhood adversity. There, she interned at the Harvard Center on the Developing Child and supported the evaluation of Frontiers of Innovation IDEAS Impact Framework trainings for early childhood leaders. She is also a licensed K-8 teacher and holds an MAT from the University of Southern California, where she concentrated in urban education and assisted with qualitative research on preservice teacher critical reflection. While these institutions have played a crucial role in her development, she equally values her formal and informal learning experiences with communities, educators, and students.

Instructional Interests

  • Intersections of mental health and social justice in education
  • Critical reflective practice
  • Attentional and contemplative practices for educators
  • Teacher advocacy

Courses in the Department of Health and Human Development

  • PSYED 2265 Attentional Teaching Practices I (master’s level)
  • PSYED 2266 Attentional Teaching Practices II (master’s level)
  • PSYED 1042 Child & Youth Work Practice I (undergraduate level)
  • PSYED 1043 Child & Youth Work Practice II (undergraduate level)
  • EDUC 1015 From Classroom to Community: Inter- and Intra-personal Skills Development (co-instructor, undergraduate level)

*On leave from teaching during the Spring 2022, Summer 2022, and Fall 2022 terms.

Scholarly Interests

  • Teacher self-concept, mental health, and wellbeing (emphasis on pre-service, induction, and early career stages)
  • Dissemination and implementation of evidence-based, culturally promotive mental health supports in education contexts
  • Risk and resilience across social contexts; relational and collective resilience
  • Social justice and equity

Selected Funded Grants

  • DeVlieger, S., Dolcini-Catania, L., Cyranowski, J. (2021). Graduate Clinical Students’ Perceptions of Trauma-focused Training Competencies and Implementation. DEI and Anti-Racism Mentorship, Learning, and Research Enhancement Grant, Psychology Committee on Equity, Inclusion, and Community (PEIC) Committee, University of Pittsburgh Department of Psychology
  • DeVlieger, S. (2020). Undergraduate Student Experiences Learning about Childhood Trauma. Council of Graduate Students in Education Research Grant, University of Pittsburgh School of Education.

Recent Publications

  • DeVlieger, S., Dolcini-Catania, L., Willford, J., & Gallen, R. (2022). “Empowered and driven to help”: Learning about childhood trauma during preservice training.
  • Chen, C. C., Qin, X., DeVlieger, S., & Farmer, T. W. (2022). Longitudinal research to support tailored interventions: Person-and process-oriented approaches. In Handbook of Special Education Research, Volume I (pp. 245-256). Routledge.
  • Farmer, T. W., Serpell, Z., Scott, L. A., DeVlieger, S. E., Brooks, D. S., & Hamm, J. V. (2022). The Developmental Dynamics of Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties of Youth of Color: Systemic Oppression, Correlated Constraints, and the Need for Targeted Universalism. Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders.
  • DeVlieger, S. (2021). Trauma-Informed, Antiracist Approaches to Teaching Developmental Science. SRCD Biennial Developmental Science Virtual Teaching Institute.
  • Guyon-Harris, K. L., Carrel, R., DeVlieger, S., Humphreys, K. L., & Huth-Bocks, A. C. (2021). The emotional tone of child descriptions during pregnancy is associated with later parenting. Infant Mental Health Journal, 1– 9.

Awards and Honors

  • Pennsylvania Psychological Association Matthew Small Memorial Education Award
  • Child Defender Fellowship, Children’s Defense Fund

Engagement, Partnerships, and Professional Service

  • School of Education Mindfulness Practice Group Co-Lead (Fall 2021)
  • AERA Division K Campus Liaison (2020-2021)
  • Co-Mentor, First Experiences in Research Seminar, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pittsburgh (2020)
  • Psychology in Education Department Representative, Council of Graduate Students in Education (2019-2020)
  • Harvard Alumni for Mental Health SIG (2019-Present)
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer:
    • Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
    • Journal of Trauma Studies in Education
Shana Evelyn DeVlieger


University of Pittsburgh
5100 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
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