Steven R. Lyon
Emeritus Associate Professor

Biographical Sketch: Steven R. Lyon, Ph.D.

Steven R. Lyon, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Special Education, Department of Instruction and Learning, School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Lyon’s area of expertise is the development of school, transition, employment and other community-based services and supports for children, youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). For more than three decades he has conducted personnel training, research and technical assistance aimed at promoting the inclusion and full membership of children, youth and adults with IDD in school, work and community life. The focus of Dr. Lyon’s methodology is the use of evidence-based practices, particularly the application of applied behavior analysis (ABA), for teaching academic and functional skills to students with IDD. While at the University of Pittsburgh he has co-founded the ABA program; developed and taught masters and doctoral-level courses in ABA, positive behavior support and single subject research; and chaired masters and doctoral committees of students employing ABA and single subject research design for the investigation of applied problems in the education of students with IDD. Dr. Lyon has 40 publications, 27 funded grants, 76 refereed conference papers and has served on 9 different journal editorial boards. His current research involves the development and investigation of effective methods for assessment and instruction of science content to students with IDD.

Steven R. Lyon


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