Developing Leaders in Teacher Education

The Pitt School of Education will help you become a confident teacher who makes a positive and lasting impact in the lives of students. We offer graduate programs in the areas of early childhood education, secondary education, special education, and applied developmental psychology.

Superior Faculty Instruction

You have the opportunity to learn from professors with significant experience in the field of education. They provide you with an essential combination of research and clinical-based instruction, as well as on-the-job experience that will benefit you as an educator.

Multiple Teacher Certification Types

You have the flexibility to select a teacher education program based on your career stage. If you’re looking to become a teacher, we offer the Bachelor of Arts in Teacher Education, Master of Arts in Teaching degree, special education-related certifications.

If you’ve already achieved your initial teacher preparation, we offer certificates and degrees in the areas of Curriculum & Instruction, Instructional Design Technology, STEAM Education.  Additionally, we offer K-12 Principal and Superintendent certification programs.