Our World and Heritage Language Education programs prepare you for education programs in the area of foreign languages. Certification studies are available in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, or Latin.

We offer multiple program types for prospective teachers, including the Master of Arts in Teaching with the Pennsylvania Teaching Certification and the Instructional I Teaching Certificate in Foreign Language Education.

For students who do not wish to pursue or who have already earned the Pennsylvania Department of Education instructional certificate for foreign language education, we offer the Master of Education (MEd) in Foreign Language Education and MEd in Foreign Language Education with specialization in TESOL. The programs prepare you to acquire and deepen the concepts, skills, and dispositions of foreign language teaching and learning. These MEd programs are also well suited for international students who have teaching experience or who are planning a career in teaching but are not eligible for a Pennsylvania Department of Education instructional certificate.

For those seeking advanced knowledge, our doctoral programs in Language, Literacy, and Culture help you to understand the interconnection of language, literacy, and culture so that you may develop specialized knowledge.