Minor in Applied Fitness

Weights at a gym at Pitt's fitness facilities

The Minor in Applied Fitness is an undergraduate degree that provides training and evidence-based education in the areas of anatomy, physiology, exercise prescription, and exercise instruction for students interested in the health-fitness professions (personal training, exercise instruction) that can be complementary to other allied-health degrees or related programs.   

Quick Facts

  • Program Duration: On average, it takes 2 years (4 semesters) to complete this minor.  
  • Time Commitment: Full-time or Part-time 
  • Term of Enrollment: Rolling admissions  
  • Application Deadline: March 1
  • Course Requirements: 17 credits

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Program Details

Students pursuing this minor will need to earn an additional 17 credits of HPA courses (or accepted substitutes) listed in the plan of study and will receive a minor advisor to assist in course planning upon acceptance into the program. Many of the courses on the Plan of Study are offered once per year and therefore need to be planned accordingly. Courses must be taken in the order specified so prerequisites for HPA courses are met. Exceptions to the order of courses are not permitted.  

Students will first receive 13 credits of core knowledge in human anatomy, physiology, exercise physiology and fitness assessment and exercise prescription and then can choose courses from personally applicable foundation courses (1 credit), instructor courses (2 credits), and a practicum experience (1 credit) to create the desired Plan of Study. 


Degree Requirements

An overall GPA of 2.5 or higher is required for graduation. A signed Plan of Study will be compared to the course work on the transcript to ensure all the necessary requirements are completed prior to issuing a Minor in Applied Fitness at the time of graduation.      


There are no specific prerequisites for this degree; however successful students typically have some basic science background prior to HPA coursework.  

Career Pathways

  • Personal Trainor
  • Exercise Instructor