Sally A. Sherman
Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor
Health and Human Development

Dr. Sally Sherman, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Practice within the Department of Health and Human Development. She holds a B.A. in Dance, an M.Ed. in Teaching, an M.S. in Exercise Science and a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology. In addition, she is a researcher at the Physical Activity and Weight Management Research Center within the Healthy Lifestyle Institute. Dr. Sherman’s original work studied "Energy Expenditure in Yoga Versus Other Forms of Physical Activity" and revealed that Vinyasa Yoga meets physical activity guidelines. This study has been published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health. She is now the co-investigator of NIH-supported research that examines the impact of yoga in weight loss interventions.

Instructional Interests

  • Health and Human Development
  • Exercise Science
  • Lifetime Activities
  • Considerations for Health and Fitness Programming
  • Teaching Health and Wellness in the Classroom
  • Health Fitness Practicum
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Instructor training courses in Yoga, Pilates, and other Forms of Group Exercise

Scholarly Interests

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Behavioral Weight Loss Intervention
  • Classroom Physical Activity Intervention
  • Curriculum Development and Instruction
  • Dance Education
  • Exercise & Physical Activity
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Obesity
  • Weight Loss Intervention

Selected Grants

NIH-NICCH, Co-investigator, “Integration of Yoga and Mindfulness for the Treatment of Obesity in Adults.” $357,326

NIH-NIDDK, Consultant, “Examination of the Feasibility and Preliminary Efficacy of Yoga as an Intervention Approach to Improving Long-Term Weight Loss.” $109,500

Featured Publications

  • Unick, J.L., Dunsinger, S.I., Bock, B.C., Sherman, S.A., Braun, T.D., Wing, R.R. A preliminary investigation of yoga as an intervention approach to improving long-term weight loss: A randomized trial. 2022. PLOS ONE. 2022 Feb 4;17(2):e0263405. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0263405.

  • Jakicic J.M., Davis K.K., Rogers R.J., Sherman S.A., Barr S., Marcin M.L., Collins K.A., Collins A.M., Yuan N., Lang W. Feasibility of integration of yoga in a behavioral weight loss intervention: a randomized trial. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2021, 29(3): 512-520. doi:10.1002/oby.23089. NIHMSID: NIHMS1649766

  • Sherman, S.A., Rogers, R.J., Davis, K.K., Minster, R.L., Creasy, S.A., Mullarkey, N.C., O'Dell, M., Donahue, P., Jakicic, J.M. Energy Expenditure in Vinyasa Yoga Versus Walking. Journal of Physical Activity and Health. 14(8). 597-605. August 2017. Doi: 10.1123/jpah.2016-0548.

  • Sherman, S.A., Rogers, R.J., Jakicic, J.M. (2017). Yoga for health: Considerations beyond energy cost and isolated asanas (poses). Letter to the editor. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 49(4): 859, APR 2017. Doi: 10.1249/MSS.0000000000001156.

  • Jakicic, J.M., Rogers, R.J., Sherman, S.A., Kovacs, S.J. Physical Activity and Weight Management. Handbook of Obesity Treatment (2nd Edition). Eds: Thomas A. Wadden and George A. Bray. Guilford Publications, Inc.: New York. In press.

  • Sherman, Sally (2016) Energy Expenditure in Yoga versus Other Forms of Physical Activity. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Pittsburgh.

Awards and Honors

  • University of Pittsburgh Swim Team Most Valuable Professor Award, 2019

  • Lululemon Global Ambassador Summit Recipient, Whistler, B.C., 2018

  • University of Pittsburgh Softball Team’s Most Valuable Professor Award, 2018

  • Department of Health and Physical Activity's Richard N. and Bernadette C. Jakicic Recognition Award, 2015

  • Department of Health and Physical Activity's Deborah Aaron Memorial Award, 2014

  • Slippery Rock University's Young Alumni of the Year Award, 2006

  • Pennsylvania State Association of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Recognition Award, 1999

Engagement, Partnerships, and Professional Service

  • Presenter, Wanderlust Events

  • Co-Founder & Athlete, Full Psych Adventure Team 501 © 3

  • Cycling Instructor, The Wheel Mill Indoor Bike Park (electricity-generating bikes)

  • Instructor/Coach, Ride Like a Girl Women’s Weekend, The Wheel Mill Indoor Bike Park

  • Member, Global Network of Social Impact Leaders (Baptiste Institute)

  • Baptiste Foundation, Member, Board of Directors Advisory Board

  • Co-creator, Oms in the Outfield,” an annual yoga class taught at PNC Park

  • Baptiste Power Yoga Institute, Advanced Yoga Certification (750-hour Certified Yoga Educator Credential)

  • Pilates Sol, Advanced Pilates Certification

  • American College of Sports Medicine, Member

  • American Red Cross, Certified Lifeguard

  • Keiser Cycle, Certified Instructor

  • Lululemon, International Community Ambassador

  • Healthy Lifestyle Institute, Affiliated Faculty Member

Sally A. Sherman


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