Sabina E. Vaught
Professor and Director, Kinloch Commons for Critical Pedagogy and Leadership

Dr. Sabina Vaught is a Professor and Director of the Kinloch Commons for Critical Pedagogy and Leadership. Dr. Vaught’s research considers global carceral and liberatory knowledge movements broadly and the race-gender labor and conquest relationships among schools, prisons, and insurgent communities specifically. In her scholarly work, Dr. Vaught draws on a constellation of knowledge traditions. Her most recent book, The School-Prison Trust (University of Minnesota Press, 2022), is a co-authored ethnographic, legal, and cultural story of Indigenous self-determination and refusal in the face of school-prison conquest strategies in the long colonial war against Native peoples. Dr. Vaught’s teaching has extended to adult and juvenile prisons for state-identified women and girls, where she has facilitated Feminist Studies study groups. Dr. Vaught was a high school language arts teacher and leader in two city school districts and two bridge programs.

Instructional Interests

At the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Vaught developed the Freedom Seminars.

Selected Publications


Vaught, S., Brayboy, B., & Chin, J. (2022). The school-prison trust. University of Minnesota Press.

Vaught, S. (2017). Compulsory: Education and the dispossession of youth in a prison school. University of Minnesota Press.


Colón, M. & Vaught, S. (2022). Testimonialistas’ self-determination: Boricua mothers and colonial schooling. Feminist Anthropology 3(1), 75-91.

Sabina E. Vaught


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