Academic Advising

A student talks with her academic advisor in an office

Academic Advising That Puts You First

We follow a faculty advising model at the Pitt School of Education. Your advisor is a full-time professor whose area of expertise matches your program of study and your academic interests. The guidance you receive is based on relevant issues and emerging practices in your field. 

Our faculty advisors take great pride in your growth and development as a student. Their goal is to nurture your ambitions as an educational professional. You will meet with them for face-to-face meetings that are driven by the topics that matter most to you — e.g. help scheduling your classes, picking an internship site, or determining the direction of your scholarly work.

How It Works

You are assigned an academic advisor on your letter of acceptance. If you are unsure who your advisor is, please contact us at 412-648-2230.  

Your advisor will provide information on:

  • What courses you should take and staying on track for graduation
  • Advice on your research practices or thesis/dissertation writing
  • Career advice on jobs, internships, and funding opportunities    

If you find that your advisor isn’t a strong match for your academic goals, you have the right to select a new one. After gaining approval from both current and proposed new advisor, you will need to notify your department administrator.