Extra Mile Award

The Extra Mile Award is an annual award to honor one faculty member and one administrator or staff member who exemplifies the mission of the Council for Graduate Students in Education mission. The nominee is a person who goes the extra mile in one or more of the following ways:

  • Promotes proactive student involvement and representation in Pitt Education and University governance

  • Promotes academic excellence by organizing and supporting activities designed to enhance Pitt Education students’ academic growth and success

  • Promotes cross-cultural understanding by facilitating opportunities for social interaction and collaboration among culturally diverse groups of students

  • Promotes student professional development by organizing and supporting activities or affiliations designed to enhance students professional growth and future success

  • Promotes a caring and respectful academic, social, and professional atmosphere in Pitt Education

Nomination Guidelines

  1. Nominees may be faculty, administrators, or staff members of the Pitt School of Education
  2. Up to two people can be recognized with the award annually
  3. To complete a nomination, you must complete the Extra Mile Award Nomination Form

Judging Process

The committee will select finalists from the pool of nominees. CGSE executive board members vote for up to three of the finalists submitted by the committee. If there is only one nominee selected as a finalist, then he/she automatically wins the award. If there are multiple finalists, the finalist with the most votes wins the award. Persons who submit a nomination are disqualified from participating on the award finalist selection committee.