University of Pittsburgh School of Education

The City is Our Campus

Pittsburgh has progressed far and wide beyond the image long associated with the city. Located in Oakland, the Pitt campus is a unique area that harmonizes with Pittsburgh and its surrounding neighborhoods. The city is our campus, and that's why we interviewed some of our students to find out what they like best about the city.

Student Profile

Ali Nabavian is completing his MAT while teaching at the Falk School. He explains that his favorite part of teaching thus far is when he has a “good lesson and the kids understand the majority of ideas discussed, or when you’re having a good conversation and they reference something previously learned in my class.”

PittEd Online Newsletter

The University of Pittsburgh School of Education is publishing a new online newsletter, PittEd, which will be released every few months. It’s a way for our alumni, faculty, staff, and students to keep up on research that’s being conducted, important news, program modifications, alumni updates, new faculty and staff, and what’s happening overall at the School of Education.

Latest News

Christina Groark and Robert McCall Edit a Special Issue of "Infant Mental Health Journal"

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Associate Professor Najeeb Shafiqs Article Honored with Outstanding Journal of Education Finance Award

Associate Professor Najeeb Shafiq's Article Honored with Outstanding Journal of Education Finance Award

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School of Education Honors Alumni at Annual Awards Ceremony

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