Available Fellowships

The purpose of the Dean’s Scholars is to help provide academic and financial foundations for exceptional students and to support equity within the School of Education. The scholars come from a wide variety of socioeconomic backgrounds and are selected on a departmental and program basis. Once awarded, the scholars receive three years of funding to support academic year tuition and living expenses.

After being awarded with the honor, each scholar is assigned to a mentor and is expected to work on a research project and gain experience in teaching and service, such as participating in school events, joining as an executive on the Council of Graduate Studies in Education (CGSE), or working on committees.

The K. Leroy Irvis Diversity Fellowship program provides financial support and academic guidance. Each fellow is assigned an advisor who provides guidance and opportunities to engage in research, teaching, and professional development. The candidates can come from a wide variety of backgrounds, with the only requirements being that students are U.S. citizens (or have green cards) and are in a PhD program.

The first year is devoted to planning, initiating research or research-related activities, establishing a strong academic record, setting an agenda for study and professional growth, and preparing for the mentor-directed teaching or supervisory experiences. The second and third years of the fellowship are spent teaching or assisting senior faculty with teaching or supervisory activities and in addressing the planned research activities.

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