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** Be Fit Pitt is no longer active. Programming is not offered at this time **


The Be Fit Pitt initiative is based in the Healthy Lifestyle Institute at the University of Pittsburgh School of Education. The effort is led by our faculty and Graduate Student Assistants.

We started with the simple goal of getting faculty and staff at the University to move more during the workday. Over time, our efforts evolved into a widespread campaign featuring a range of in-person and virtual exercise opportunities to support every fitness level and goal.

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Be Fit Pitt is not active at this time. However, in the past, we have offered the following services:

  • Group activity classes
  • Fitness center memberships
  • Beginner-oriented programs
  • Text-based alerts and emails with reminders to get people moving during the workday
  • Live-streamed fitness classes during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Consultation services to assess individual fitness levels

University Club Fitness Center

While Be Fit Pitt is not active at this time, the University of Pittsburgh faculty and staff can still take advantage of the top-of-the-line facilities at the University Club Fitness Center.

Fitness Membership

  • Cost: $40/month
  • Includes: In-person access to Fitness Center and personalized fitness programming and consultations

Operational Details

The University of Pittsburgh Fitness Center team is excited to welcome members back in a safe manner. For questions, please contact Gillian Scott, fitness center manager, at

Practices to ensure safety
Fitness Center Members are partners in helping us to maintain a safe space by the following practices:
  • Masks are required at all times while working out
  • Members will be asked to wipe off their equipment before and after each use
  • Members will be asked to book their sessions ahead of time as anyone arriving at the facility without an appointment will be turned away to ensure that we remain at a safe capacity
Hours of Operation
  • The Fitness Center will still be open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • However, to allow time for additional cleaning and air turnover time, the facility will close down for a few hours each day during typically slow times: 9 - 11:15 a.m. and 2 - 4:15 p.m.
Open for in-person usage with somewhat reduced capacity
  • Members will be required to book ahead a time slot to visit the facility
  • To book a slot, please email Gillian Scott at
  • Members can book a 60-minute work out time slot
Strength Equipment
  • Some equipment has been removed from usage such as bands, mats, and other equipment that is not recommended for use
  • Much of the equipment that you regularly use is still available including machines, free weights, kettle bells, and more
Cardio Equipment
  • All of the cardio equipment is still available and plexiglass shields have been installed between and surrounding the equipment for an extra layer of safety
  • Members will be limited to using every other cardio machine and the staff will determine which as available during your session and allocate time accordingly
  • This will also be included in the booking process to ensure that the machine of your choice is available when you come to the facility
Personalized Programming
  • Programming is still available and the Fitness Center Team will make program adjustments based on safe use of spaces and equipment
  • Fitness Center Team members will set up equipment for the program ahead of the session and also work with members to ensure that all equipment has been cleaned appropriately between users
In-Person Fitness Classes

In-person fitness classes are not offered at this time. 

Locker Room Availability
  • Lockers will be limited and use will be staggered each hour
  • Fitness Center Team members will assign lockers to members on entry
  • Showers are available


  • Email:
  • Phone: 412-648-8320
  • Mail: Trees Hall,Office 140 | Allequippa St. and Darragh Street | Pittsburgh PA 15213