EdD Student Ketwana Schoos Elected to Mid-Level Professional Directorate of ACPA

EdD student Ketwana Schoos was elected to serve a two-year term as a Directorate for the Mid-Level Community of Practice (MLCOP) Group at the American College Personnel Association (ACPA). ACPA’s Mid-Level Community of Practice is to “encourage, develop, and deliver programs and services focused on the needs of mid-level professionals in student affairs and higher education.”

MLCOP is governed by a directorate consisting of about 12 mid-level practitioners. The term of office for the Directorate members is two consecutive years and a commitment of three consecutive ACPA Conventions, with the exception of the Chair who serves a three-year term. To be eligible to be a part of the MLCOP Directorate, each nominee must meet these five minimum qualifications: Be a mid-level professional; Current member of ACPA and for the full period of your term of office; Able to attend ACPA conventions during your term; Commit to working with others to design and implement programs and services of interest to mid-level professionals; and Have strong consistent skills in organization, management of details, follow up skills, and commitment to meeting deadlines.