Justice Collective Member Spotlight: Anneliese Martinez

Anneliese Martinez is the facilitator of the PittEd Justice Collective. In this role, she is responsible for getting people to share information and to start to work together. Contact her for ideas about future programming and initiatives related to the collective. Her responses have been edited for length and clarity.

Why did you join the PittEd Justice Collective?

“I’ve had a wonderful relationship with Dean Kinloch for several years in our leadership of Remake Learning, particularly working on Shifting Power together. When I decided to move into my own consultancy, she invited me to lend my facilitation skills to the Collective. I could not have been more thrilled to continue to work with her amazing staff, faculty, and student body to deepen justice-oriented education in a university-community context.”  

Describe your role as the PittEd Justice Collective Program Facilitator?

“I’ve been trained as a network facilitator; this is a relatively new field, but very exciting! In my practice I owe a huge debt to writers, advocates, and facilitators like adrienne maree brown and her work, “Emergent Strategy.” I have a knack to get people to talk across silos, share information, and start to work together. This helps us see the shape and story of how movement/systems work.

I think that’s what the Justice Collective is all about: an expression of movement solidarity and uplifting/amplifying the work happening both within the School of Education and the greater Pittsburgh region.”

How can people contact you? 

“Via email at ani@martinez.works or on Twitter and LinkedIn: @theAniMartinez.”

What upcoming initiatives are you are excited about?

“We have the opportunity to convene as a larger community, as a collective. I’m eager to continue to convene affinity groups around topics like Youth Voice, Teacher Diversity, and Technology. We’ll also have larger networking opportunities with thinkers and advocates across the country. Of course, there are the many lectures, professional development opportunities, and workshops we will see emerge out of the School of Education and Center for Urban Education. Contact me with questions!”

Tell us about your background and your other work  in this space?

“I ‘grew up’ in a way at Remake Learning, America’s flagship network for learning innovation. There, I was steeped in the language, pedagogies, and practices of the most cutting-edge teaching and learning methods, technologies, and socio-cultural debates. I have also been trained in Human-Centered Design, project management, and large-scale systems leadership. So, I work in several areas as it pertains to human development. Most have an orientation to teaching and learning but more specifically towards a more socially just future, in partnership with advanced technologies, that honors our earth and capacity for creativity.

I’m honored to work with the PittEd Justice Collective, and also with A+ School’s & the Pittsburgh Learning CollaborativeThe Warhol Museum, and CMU’s School of Computer Science. I also facilitate with Equitable Just Greater Pittsburgh and am a proud board member of City of Bridges High School, the Partnership to Advance Responsible Technology (PART), and Never Fear Being Different (NFBD).”

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