Anne Elizabeth Hays
Clinical Instructor

Clinical Instructor
Department of Health and Human Development

Dr. Anne Hays is a Clinical Instructor in the Department and Health and Human Development, where she currently teaches sports performance, lifestyle movement and group instruction methods. Dr. Hays also oversees and manages graduate assistants that teach PEDC (physical education) courses within the department. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Education, and MS and PhD in Exercise Physiology. Dr. Hays has experience in corporate wellness, wellness coaching and health education outreach. She is particularly interested in the impact of a healthy lifestyle on human development.

Instructional Interests

Dr. Hays teaches in the Department of Health and Human Development. Courses taught include Lifetime Activities I and II, First Aid/CPR, Sports Conditioning, Group Fitness Instructor, Nutrition in Exercise and Sport, and Principles of Strength and Conditioning.

Scholarly Interests

  • Exercise and brain function/mood
  • Impact of physical activity and nutrition on development of children K-12
  • Impact of physical activity and nutrition on successful schooling K-12
  • Impact of physical activity and nutrition on healthy aging

Engagement, Partnerships, and Professional Service

Dr. Hays currently serves on the Community Relations Committee of University Senate. She also spearheads a community wellness program designed to improve wellness services to students grades 4-6.

Anne Elizabeth Hays


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