Carma Rae Sprowls Repcheck
Clinical Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor and Clinical Internship Coordinator
Health and Human Development Department

Carma Sprowls Repcheck is interested in developing exercise prescriptions for a wide variety of populations including, cancer, osteoporosis, children and adolescents, older adults, over weight and obese, heart disease, pulmonary disease, and pregnant individuals. Her teaching reflects the backgrounds and or physiology of these conditions and how exercise intervention may lessen their impact and enhance health.

Additionally, as internship coordinator, her goal is to develop relationships between community organizations and businesses with the University of Pittsburgh, and specifically the Health and Human Development department. Developing a mutually beneficial relationship with these potential internships provides a new wave of talent for the site, and aids in developing skills and experiences for students.

Instructional Interests

  • HPA 1224 Fitness Assessments & Exercise Prescription
  • HPA 1226 Exercise Prescription for special populations
  • HPA 1035 Seminar
  • HPA 1996 internship
  • HPA 2996 grad internship
Carma Rae Sprowls Repcheck


University of Pittsburgh
111 Trees Hall
Allequippa and Darragh Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

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