Equity and Justice

Dean Kinloch meets with members of the community

We Are Committed To Educational Equity

The Pitt School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh is committed to advancing equity and justice in society through education. Our faculty and staff members are dedicated change agents who are driven to make a difference in our schools, education systems, and power structures.

Through our teaching and research, we are creating a better future for all students. This is what we mean by and enact through our mission to ignite learning for students.

Our Mission-Vision

We ignite learning. We strive for well-being for all. We teach. We commit to student, family, and community success. We commit to educational equity. We advocate. We work for justice. We cultivate relationships. We forge engaged partnerships. We collaborate. We learn with and from communities. We innovate and agitate. We pursue and produce knowledge. We research. We disrupt and transform inequitable educational structures. We approach learning as intertwined with health, wellness, and human development. We address how national, global, social, and technological change impacts learning. We shape practice and policy. We teach with and for dignity. We think. We dream. We lead with integrity. We are the School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh.

Equity and Justice Scholars Program

Pitt Education is committed to equity and justice at every juncture of the school's work in and beyond the university campus. In keeping with this goal, we created an Equity and Justice Scholars Program to provide mentorship community, resources, leadership, and leadership students to doctoral students in the School of Education. 

Sustained Community Engagement

Pitt Education is committed to building partnerships that build stronger communities in Pittsburgh and across the world. We pursue this through our sustained community engagement efforts that engage our students and faculty members in meaningful education work. We are active in the university's Community Engagement Centers, the Western Pennsylvania Writing Project, and more.

Critically Grounded Research

At Pitt Education, we have the courage to ask the tough questions in our research in order to improve our educational systems. We seek to challenge institutional norms and biases that disproportionately affect students from historically marginalized groups, especially our students of color. Our scholarly research impact is felt across many disciplines, including teacher education, health and wellness, and human development. 

Pioneering Social Justice in Education

Pitt Education has a long history of advancing social justice initiatives in education. Following World War II, we were one of the first schools to adopt social justice in our broader strategy. We are one of the first schools to create a Higher Education Management program and our Falk Laboratory School is one of the pioneers in a progressive, experiential, and individualized education.