PhD in Higher Education

The PhD in Higher Education program is committed to advancing scholarship, research, and practice in the field of higher education. Students have research interests ranging from student access to student outcomes, diversity and equity, international and comparative education, administration and management, and policy studies.

Quick Facts

  • Program Duration: Three to five years
  • Time Commitment: Full time
  • Term of Enrollment: Fall Term
  • Application Deadline: December 1
  • Course Requirements: 90 credits
  • Application Requirements: GRE exam is not required

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Program Details

The PhD degree program in higher education includes a core set of courses designed for students to gain an understanding of historical, political, philosophical, and social elements that shape and continue to reshape higher education. These courses include Higher Education Administration, the Politics and History of Higher Education, Higher Education Research Frameworks and Theory, and Higher Education Policy and Issues.

These courses are complemented by core courses within the department of Administrative and Policy Studies designed to ground students in the study education as a discipline. Students develop an area of research specialization within the field of higher education and take other courses at the School of Education as well as courses outside of the school that complement their specialization. In addition, through a strong focus within the program on rigorous methodological training, students gain competency in both quantitative and qualitative research methods and take advanced courses in the methodological approaches they plan to utilize in their research.


Degree Requirements

View the official PhD program handbook for full details on the degree requirements.


There are no specific prerequisites for this degree, but interested students should verify that they fulfill the admissions requirements.

Affiliated Faculty

Career Pathways

  • Faculty at institutions of higher education
  • Researchers at educational think tanks and major policy institutes
  • Leaders of administrative units with teaching and research responsibilities.