Higher Education Programs

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Pursue a Rewarding Career in Higher Education

Working within an institution of higher education can be a highly rewarding experience. Colleges and universities are energizing environments that constantly expose you to new ideas through your interactions with faculty and students. The experience allows you to contribute your talents to an organization whose members share the common purpose of working to improve the world through higher education.

At Pitt Education, we prepare you for careers in higher education through our graduate degree programs. Featuring both academic rigor and practical experience, the programs teach you to think critically about institutional policy and priorities. Our alumni are employed in leadership positions at institutions around the world, working as student affairs practitioners, diversity administrators, administrative directors, and faculty members.

Degree Options

Master of Education (MEd)

Our MEd program in higher education is designed for early-career professionals seeking to make an impact on the student affairs track. The program provides students with the historical, political, philosophical, and social context of higher education. Students are required to complete at least one internship experience as part of their studies. 

Doctor of Education (EdD)

Our EdD program in higher education is designed for professionals aspiring to senior administrative careers in post-secondary education. The program develops students' competencies in strategic planning, leadership, resource management, enterprise and change management, project planning, and more.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The PhD program in higher education is the highest scholarly designation awarded at the University of Pittsburgh. The program is meant for students seeking a scholarly career in research and teaching within the university setting. Students will have the opportunity to study, conduct research, present at conferences, and publish their work with faculty members from Pitt Education.