Exercise Science Students Showcase Research and Knowledge at ACSM Conference

Seven students in the Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Education participated in the 2023 Middle Atlantic American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting on November 3 and 4. 

Designed for professionals and enthusiasts in sports medicine and exercise science, the ACSM Middle Atlantic Annual Meeting provides a platform for knowledge exchange through presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities. 

Two seniors, Elizabeth Giordano and Olivia Sobkowiak, presented their research posters at the conference. Their work was conducted with School of Education faculty members Christopher Kline and Sharon Ross

The research presentations not only demonstrated the students’ depth of exploration in exercise science but also served as an inspiration for the junior undergraduate students attending the conference, says Elizabeth Nagle, associate professor and co-chair of the Department of Health and Human Development.

“We were very proud of our students who participated in the conference,” Nagle says. “It was a great opportunity for the juniors and seniors to explore various professional pathways of interest.”

Daniel Comer, a third-year undergraduate student in exercise science, says engaging with fellow students and professionals allowed him to broaden his perspective on exercise science. He particularly appreciated the unexpected focus on military officers in some research studies.

“The most memorable moments from ACSM for me were the conversations I had with different students presenting their research,” Comer says. “It was interesting to see the wide variety of research that can be done in the exercise science field.”

Another standout moment at the conference was the students’ participation in the College Bowl, an exercise science trivia competition. The Pitt Education team, composed of Comer, Sobkowiak, Giordano, with support from Peter Novak, Amaya Deshpande, Mary Howski, and Nico Boris, demonstrated their expertise and passion for the field. Although they didn’t secure a victory, their strong showing highlighted the depth of knowledge fostered within the exercise science program, according to Nagle.

Comer says his participation in the College Bowl sparked interest in research. He is considering including research in his work going forward.

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