STEAM Continuing Education Course

This continuing education course is an introduction to STEAM Education for K-12 educators, out-of-school educators such as museums, environmental centers, after-school programming, tech educators, or parents interested in STEAM.

This course contains three modules: Introduction of STEAM Education, Components of STEAM, and Problem-based Scenarios. At the end of this continuing education course, you will understand what STEAM education is, how it engages youth in real-world problem solving, and how to implement STEAM into your setting.

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Program Facts

Program Type

Continuing Education Course

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Self-paced (most students report it takes 30-45 seat hours)



Program Overview

This course supports informal and formal educators who are interested in learning more about STEAM and what this means for the youth with whom they engage. It will introduce the topics of transdisciplinarity, problem-based learning, technology integration, and adding the arts. It will focus on two aspects of STEAM teaching, which include problem-based learning and the infusion of the arts.

In this course, we’ve included many examples, rubrics, videos, and suggested ideas to help you understand exactly what STEAM looks like. The course is designed with maximum flexibility meaning that you can do this course at your own pace, whenever that suits you.

For questions about the courses and program, please contact:

Professor Cassie Quigley
STEAM Program Director

Career Pathways

  • STEAM Teacher
  • Makerspace Educator
  • After-School Curriculum Coordinator
  • Technology Educator