The PittEd Justice Collective was created on June 1, 2020 by Dr. Valerie Kinloch, the Renée and Richard Goldman Dean of the Pitt School of Education, in response to the loss of Black lives through police brutality and other forms of institutional injustice.

(View Dean Kinloch's June 1 Desk of the Dean message)

In addition to engaging with external partners regionally, nationally, and globally, the Justice Collective works to situate equity and justice across all levels of our school's operations, culture, climate, and academic engagements.

Focus Areas:​

  • Disseminate, discuss, and design interdisciplinary studies on equity, justice, and anti-racism
  • Host justice-focused "lunch and learns" and other equity, justice, and anti-racist events and programs
  • Collaborate with Pitt Education faculty and school districts on justice teaching, with an explicit focus on pedagogies, practices, and assessments
  • Design and propose a justice-defined scope of study for students in the Pitt School of Education
  • Collaborate with staff members at the Pitt School of Education on justice-based professional development opportunities
  • Initiate a Youth-for-Justice Dean’s Advisory Committee
  • Make recommendations for equity, justice, and anti-racism for public education, higher education, and society
  • Design a Justice Fellows program for faculty, staff, and students in the Pitt School of Education, as well as with community partners
  • Situate anti-racist practices at the center of our School of Education and as connected to our cultural drivers and strategic priorities

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