Class Descriptions

Cycle Fitness

Cycle to the beat with great music and motivational instructors in this class. You’ll do sprints, climbs, jumps and so much more. All fitness levels are welcome.

Cycle Express

This class offers you the same fun and challenging cardiovascular workout on our Kaiser bikes as our full Cycle Fitness class, but in a shorter amount of time so you can squeeze it into your busy day. All fitness levels are welcome.

Express Lift

This class uses weights, resistance bands and other equipment to strengthen and sculpt your body. Each 30 minute class will have a specific body part focus (upper body, lower body or core). All fitness levels are welcome.

HIIT & Strength

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) gives you maximum results in a short amount of time. HIIT is great for burning fat, increasing strength and improving your overall fitness. Since traditional HIIT is only programmed for a short period of time, the rest of the class will focus on strength training with various resistance training equipment including, but not limited to: weights, kettlebells, resistance bands and benches.

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