Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

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Our 30-credit Master of Education (MEd) in Curriculum and Instruction is a fully online and asynchronous professional degree program that supports educators and practitioners across learning contexts (e.g. K-12, museums, after-school, etc.). We prepare you to develop high-impact learning experiences for student learners by developing activities that are engaging, equitable, and empowering, and which will build your students' skills in complex thinking, collaboration, and communication.  As part of this program, you will receive two distinct yet complementary graduate certificates: the STEAM Education Certificate and the Critical Technology in Digital Media for Learning Certificate.

For teachers based in Pennsylvania, this MEd program fulfills the Act 48 continuing education requirements and provides the PA Department of Education STEM Endorsement, while also providing a master's degree to support your career advancement. This program does not confer state certification for pre-service teachers. Students seeking initial teacher certification should complete our school's Master of Arts in Teaching or Instructional I Certificate programs.

Quick Facts

  • Program Duration: 2 academic years (4 semesters)
  • Time Commitment: Full-time or Part-time 
  • Term of Enrollment: Fall and Summer
  • Course Requirements: 30 credits 
  • Format: 100% Online
  • Application Deadlines:
    • Summer term start - March 1 priority application deadline 
    • Fall term start - July 1 priority application deadline
  • Admissions Requirements: GRE exam not required

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Program Details

Our MEd in Curriculum and Instruction degree develops practicing teachers’ ability to create and facilitate cross-disciplinary (transdisciplinary) learning experiences that emphasize critical thinking, problem-based learning within real-world contexts, collaboration, creativity, and personal expression. These advanced teaching skills are represented in learning standards in most states, including Pennsylvania. Students’ experiences will be framed by equity-oriented teaching practices.

The program addresses the gap in professional learning and training for teachers to teach STEAM and critical technology and digital media skills. All students will earn the STEAM certificate and Critical Technology in Digital Media for Learning (CriT-DML) certificate as part of their studies. Students have the option of taking a literacy courses in place of the CriT-DML courses but this option does not result in a second certificate.

Curriculum Overview - 30 credits

General Courses (6 credits)

Students must take these two courses:

  • TLL 2405: Introduction to Action Research
  • EDUC 2100 Education and Society
STEAM Education Courses (12 credits)

After taking these four courses, students will satisfy the academic requirements to earn the Graduate Certificate in STEAM Education:

  • TLL 2008: STEAM: Instructional Design
  • TLL 2007: STEAM: Transdisciplinary Learning Approaches
  • TLL 2009: STEAM: Assessment
  • TLL 2010: STEAM: Implementation
Critical Technology and Digital Media for Learning Certificate Courses (12 credits)

After taking these four courses, students will satisfy the academic requirements to earn the Graduate Certificate in Critical Technology and Digital Media for Learning:

  • EDUC 2301 Online Pedagogy and Praxis
  • EDUC 2300 Digital Media for Learning
  • EDUC 2302 Critical Digital Literacies, Schooling, and Identity
  • EDUC 2303 Technology in Context

Program Format

Our MEd in Curriculum and Instruction is offered 100% online to support the learning needs of working professionals. Additionally, we offer voluntary professional development experiences for students who wish to participate in in-person activities.

Degree Requirements

  • 30 credits of coursework including all STEAM courses, and required gen-ed courses.

  • Digital capstone project will be evaluated by faculty


After completion of this degree program, current teacher license holders in Pennsylvania will receive the PA Department of Education's STEM Endorsement. This program does not confer state Instructional 1 certification for pre-service teachers.


  • Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree. 

  • Applicants must have a site of practice (e.g. classroom, after school program, out-of-school learning experience etc.) and/or students or learners to work with when designing and assessing curriculum.

Professional Pathways

The MEd for Curriculum and Instruction is tied to opportunities for career advancement for current educational practitioners across a range of contexts. For classroom teachers, the State of Pennsylvania requires early-career teachers to complete a minimum number of credit hours of graduate-level work in order to gain their Level 2 teacher certification. In addition, many school districts offer pay incentives for teachers with a master's degree.

The program also satisfies the requirements of the PA Department of Education's STEM Endorsement.

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