Academic Departments

Faculty at the Pitt School of Education are organized into six academic departments. Collectively, we create innovative education research, lead highly ranked academic programs, and forge partnerships that energize communities. 

We are a leader in research in the education field — with more than $26 million in research funding generated annually by our faculty. Above all else, we are committed to inquiry that challenges systems and advances equity and justice for all.

Administrative and Policy Studies

This faculty group focuses on higher education management, school leadership, and social and comparative analysis of education.

Center for Urban Education

This faculty group focuses on the multifaceted issues in urban education and seeks to create positive transformation in the community.

Health and Physical Activity

This faculty group creates pioneering research and programming at the intersection of health and education.

Instruction and Learning

This faculty group is focused on elevating the quality of teacher education in the K-12 setting.

Learning Sciences and Policy

This faculty group creates interdisciplinary research at the leading edge of policy and learning.

Psychology in Education

This faculty group is focused on human development through the interdependent connection between research and practice.