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Imagination PLAYce is a community space for students, faculty, and staff to imagine and dream about the possibilities of learning through play.

Located in Posvar Hall Room 5163, Imagination PLAYce centers love, empathy, care, kindness, and creativity, and nurtures tinkering, playing, and creating with materials, artifacts, and a range of digital media and emerging technologies. 

As both a classroom and community space, we are currently embarking on research that examines the role of play in higher education, particularly as it relates to supporting playful praxis amongst in-service and pre-service teachers and other educational professionals who work in informal learning contexts like museums, after-school, and community contexts. The research is led by Dr. Veena Vasudevan.

Visit the Imagination PLAYCE website


Meet the Team

  • Veena Vasudevan, Principal Investigator 
  • Teresa Miller, undergraduate researcher

Visiting Imagination PLAYce


All School of Education students are encouraged to stop by to learn more about Imagination PLAYce.

You can learn about the range of artifacts and resources, try out and play with emerging technologies and our tangible materials, and get support from our staff on how to develop your own ideas. Look at our playful resources website for open play hours. 

Faculty Supports

We invite faculty and staff to reach out if you would like to teach your class in Imagination PLAYce. We will give you an introduction to the resources, materials, and digital technologies available and help you imagine projects or experiences that align to your class goals. 

You can also partner with us to run play workshops for your class where you can engage in play-ful activities that range from the tangible (e.g. constructing with cardboard) to the intangible (e.g. creating stop motion films, video games). Email for more information.


We will be offering a range of workshops on teaching and learning with digital media and technology, play, data-arts, using vision boards and collage, and multimodal qualitative and ethnographic research.

Check the school calendar for updates on upcoming sessions. Workshops are open to faculty, students, and staff at Pitt. Sign up is required.

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