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Boriken Against Empire Freedom Seminar flyerBorikén Against Empire (taught by Lisa Ortiz)

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For an Afro-Latin American Feminism (taught by Watufani Poe)
In her groundbreaking text “For An Afro-Latin American Feminism” Brazilian scholar-activist Leila Gonzalez called for a type of feminism that reckoned with the weight of anti-Black and anti-Indigenous histories in Latin America. Following Gonzalez’s call, this course investigates the varied theorizations of Afro-Latin American feminism from throughout the region and how Black women theorize and work towards their own freedoms. The seminar will pay particular attention to how Afro-Latin American feminisms work to deconstruct myths about the existence of “racial democracy” and racially harmonious interactions in Latin America by highlighting the physical and sexual violence inflicted upon Black women’s bodies.
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