Department of Teaching, Learning, and Leading

A Black male student stands in a school hallway near lockers

Creating Synergies in Teaching and Learning

The Pitt School of Education’s Department of Teaching, Learning, and Leading (TLL) is committed to collaborating with schools and communities to build dynamic educational justice across multiple learning contexts. Through knowledge partnerships and liberatory praxes at the intersections of teaching, learning, and leading, we strive to contribute to the freedom promise of education. As a community of inquiry, we rigorously engage urgent scholarly questions related to the shared community knowledge and knowing at the core of teacher, student, and leader relationships and work.

Legacy of Success

The TLL department anchors our school’s long-standing position as the leader in instruction, research, and continuing education for generations of educators and school leaders in Pennsylvania and across the United States. We examine teaching and leadership in relation to how these distinctly human interactions can produce positive, critical, and humanizing school transformations.

Building Equitable Systems

With our focus on teaching and leadership practices that address structural inequities in schooling, the TLL department is educating leaders in the 21st century. We address the entrenched systems and organizational structures that impact student learning, educational outcomes, and the culture and climate of an institution.

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Department Faculty

Sabina Vaught (Chair)

Sheila Conway (Associate Chair)

Anna Arlotta-Guerrero

Tinukwa Boulder

Richard Correnti

Patricia Crawford

Frances M D'Andrea

Richard Donato

Loretta Fernandez

Ellice Forman

Amanda Godley

Heather Hendry Annegan

Katrina Bartow Jacobs

Diane Kirk

Anastasia Kokina

Kari Kokka

Douglas Kostewicz

Linda Kucan

Josué López 

Lindsay Clare Matsumura

Tessa McCarthy

Anthony Petrosky

Cassie Quigley

Emily Rainey

Rachel Robertson

Laura Roop

Michelle Sobolak

Amy Srsic 

Mary Kay Stein

Leigh Tanner

Charlene Trovato