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The University of Pittsburgh School of Education promotes life-changing leadership through its esteemed faculty and students.

We offer support to current students during their course of study, to professionals enhancing their current careers through continuing education, and to students at the time of graduation. The dean of the School of Education is the chief academic officer of the school and is responsible for overseeing all academic initiatives in educational research and development. 

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Valerie Kinloch
Renée and Richard Goldman Dean
Inquiries should be directed to Megan Brennan, executive assistant to the dean, at

Kevin Crowley
Associate Dean for Faculty and Research and Professor

Lindsay Clare Matsumura
Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Professor

Leigh Patel
Associate Dean for Equity and Justice and Professor

Shederick McClendon
Assistant Dean of Student Engagement

Rochelle Woods
Senior Assistant Dean of Administration, Operations, and Academic Programs

Tinukwa Boulder
Associate Professor Practice and Director of Innovative Technologies and Online Learning

Admissions and Enrollment Services

5800 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
230 South Bouquet Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: 412-648-2230
Fax: 412-648-1825

Wesley Vaina
Director of Admissions and Enrollment
412-648-7362 |

Andrea Zito
Director of Student Services
412-648-1769 |

Danae Williams
Associate Director of Admissions and Enrollment
412-624-7183 |

Kelsey Cole
Academic Records Specialist
412-383-0555 |

Rashee Ferguson
Graduate Enrollment Manager
412-383-0478 |

Shelly Kinsel
Admissions and Enrollment Coordinator
412-383-9705 |

Alumni & Development

5921 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
230 South Bouquet Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15260

Michael Haas
Director of Development
412-648-1789 |

Kyla Kuronen
Development Associate
412-383-0503 |

Finance and Grants

Carole A. Bost
Director of Financial Operations
412-648-7342 |

Thomas Bost
Director of Grants
412-624-0670 |

Susan Sherlock
Grants Management
412-648-1738 | 

Deborah Smail
Financial Assistant
412-648-7327 |

Human Resources

Sarah Morgan
Director of Human Resources
412-383-3782 |

Marketing and Communications

Greg Latshaw
Director of Marketing Communications
412-383-3501 |

Cassia Crogan
Marketing Communications Manager
412-648-7311 |

Technology and Media Services

Fiona Seels
412-624-7250 |

Karen Bassett
Systems Analyst
412-624-4116 |

Ryan Slater
Customer Support Services Manager
412-383-3510 |

Rick Taylor
Systems and Web Developer
412-648-2197 |